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    Unloading a bunch of random stuff I have laying around. Open to offers on the items to just get them cleared out.

    Factory E7 heads - Had no issues with them, only removed for a head/cam swap - $50

    Factory HO cam - Looks to be in good condition - $40

    Black door handle cups - $20

    SN95 style valve covers - No issues with them. Was going to re-use them but ended up not clearing my stud mounted rockers. Portion of the baffle was removed to help try and make them fit. Cleaned up and re-painted with VHT wrinkle coat - $40

    Brand new set of Motorcraft SP-450 spark plugs - Bought with intention of using, but instead of changing plugs, I changed heads - $10

    Trick Flow head bolt bushings - Bought new but don't need them - $30

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