MM suspension install?

Discussion in '94-04 - V6 Specific' started by tajmas, May 1, 2007.

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    Apr 28, 2007
    Hello everyone! This is what I have: MM c/c plates, Ford racing Cobra front lower control arms, front sway bar bushings, and end links, MM drag roll cage w/ swing out bars, MM HD torque arm, panhard bar, MM HD rear lower control arms w/adj. prch., full length subframe connectors, H&R Sport springs for front, super race for rear, and Bilstein HD valving shocks & struts. The install price was $1500-$2000, does this sound right? I'm also waiting for a price to install a Tremic 600RR tranny, Spec 26 spline clutch disc, Moser 31 spline axles, and 3:73 gears, Tru-trac diff., and a PST carbon-fiber driveshaft (which needs to be ordered after the rear and tranny are in ), and a Pypes Violator cat-back system, along with a Pro 5.0 shifter for a TKO tranny. What should it cost for all this, do ya' think? The 'stangs a '96 GT w/ a '99 GT motor in it. It has JBA shorty headers on it, Spec stg3 clutch, and an alumin. flw., along with a cooling problem. I have all the parts here, and am looking to put a KB on it. Still checking into whether or not I need to forge the bottom end, and how much that will cost, and if that's needed. Any in-put would be really appreciated. Thank you, Pete.