Motor swap for the LX

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  1. Well, I have several motors laying around, and not 100% sure on a few things... so anyone who knows please help...

    I have 4 Windsor small blocks... two 302s, a 351, and a 289... The 289 has been sitting for a few years and the crank is rusted, where are some good places I can get budget parts for it...

    I'm thinking I'll run a set of forged internals, GT40 heads etc...

    Heres the big question, will the front cross member under the 4cyl motor work with a small block?

    The computer and wire harness, any ideas with all this crap? I'm gonna put a 4bll on top, so the EFI isnt an issue...

    Anyone who has done this swap, suggestions? tips?
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    Mar 26, 2006
    give me something i can swap the v6 out with
  3. You can get a 302 for cheap, theres a mustang junk yard around the corner from me, you can get one for a few hundred or less