Mustang Shifter Gasket Set Installation Video 1982-2004

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    Mustang Shifter Gasket Set TR-3650 T-45 T-5 1982-2004 | CJ Pony Parts

    This Shifter Gasket set is made from a special, high-temperature silicone elastomer, specifically chosen for this application, and will fit all 1982-2004 Mustangs with a TR-3650, T45 or T5 transmission. It will fit the stock shifter, as well as any aftermarket shifters too.

    These gaskets are much more effective at reducing the amount of vibrations coming through your transmission into your shifter, and you'll also reduce the chances of having a stuck bolt. The kit includes a base gasket, along with a secondary gasket, which will go between the shifter and the shift handle.

    For installation, you'll first need to remove the shift knob, boot, and retainer. Then, remove the four bolts securing the lower shift retainer, along with the four other bolts underneath that secure the shifter to the transmission.

    Remove the shifter and install both gaskets, following Bill's instructions. Return the shifter, including the retainers, boot, and knob, and the installation is finished in a around 45 minutes.

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