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Discussion in '94-95 5.0 - Specific' started by tornado427, Apr 23, 2015.

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    Apr 21, 2015
    OK, I have asked for help on a couple other forums with no replies at all, found this one, looks a lot more promising! I am finally building my wife's "dream car" 1995 GT Convertible, 5.0 5 speed. I started out last year with the Bullitt Fat & skinnies, BBK long tubes, off road mid pipe, Flowmaster super 40's, short throw shifter, Smog and EGR delete, Car runs like a bat out of hell, but she used to hear about "stroker Motors" so I made the mistake of telling her what they were. Long story, 2nd gear started jumping out of gear on up shift, then later on down shift, I put the car in the air pulled the trans to rebuild it. I noticed the oilpan gasket leaking a little and thought as tight as the clearance was just yank the motor. then I figure what the hell ordered the trick flow track heat top end kit, then I was looking at the ATK 347 Short block from Summit racing, ($3,200) I have not ordered it yet as I am still on the fence on the short block, I sent he T-5 to Stan at Pro-Force performance for the A-5 Astro rebuild good for 750 HP with the upgraded main shaft, I did this as I have a 351 for a later project, and might swap it out down the road with a lighter duty A-5 (450 HP) now my main question is I got a set of 39 LB ev6 injectors and MAF from an 03 supercharged Cobra,(plus the connector adaptors) my track heat is 75MM, as is the adaptor elbow, when I do order the short block, I want to keep the compression down to 8.5, or 9:00-1 (our premium gas here is 91 with 10 % ethanol, not to great) also thinking of a vortec, or some other power adder later down the road, I have an adjustable FPR, 255 LPH fuel pump. Will the larger MAF work with the 75MM throttle body? or too big, it damn sure wont fit on my CAI, would have to fab a new one, or should I save these for my 351 stroker project later down the road, and look for something smaller? also installing new 31 spline Moser axels, new trac-loc 4:10's also ram clutch 28 spline disc, need input on the MAF, injectors, and 347 short block, thanks I have a list of other parts I know I will need, figure might be done by July at this rate, torque box reinforcements, subframe connectors, upper & lower tubuler control arms, after that the front, Tubular crossmember, coilovers, etc, after all this I might be able to keep up with my sons 2004 GTO, with his mods, dyno tuned best 435 RWHP, 420 tq, that thing is a blast to drive, he is in the army, so I have been driving his car for two years, going to have to buy him some new tires before he comes home!