Poduct testing Wolfgang Deep Gloss Sealant.

Discussion in 'Detailing' started by wytstang, Aug 25, 2006.

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    Jan 11, 2006
    Really liking it right now and applyed a second coat to ensure full coverage. Very easy to apply and a little went a long way. I washed with ONR yesterday (first time as well and it worked better then QEW imho), so today I S&Wed the hood then striped with AIO and proceded to apply a dime size amount of product using a polishing pal and a white pad. Here are the hood shots (not the greatest due to the sun)
    Now I also did the rear quater panel so I could compare with a pic I took sometime back. First pic is AIO/VM/#16 (lighting really wasn't the same though ) :
    Now AIO/WG DGS:
    Now lighting plays a big part when dealing with white and picture taking but it seems as (looking at the rear quater panel) the WG DSG as a clearer more sharper reflection. Feels a little slick about the same as previous combo I would say. SO now the durabilty test begins if I can get 2 months (like previous combo) I would be very happy with continuing using it.