Possibly Burning Oil or Excessive Gasoline

Discussion in '94-95 5.0 - Specific' started by blurry, Sep 28, 2006.

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    Sep 15, 2006
    Ive noticed that when I rev the Cobra over 3k RPM's, white and bluish tinted smoke comes out. Shortly after that, the Low Oil light comes on. The car runs perfectly fine. It only has 39k miles on it. But it may also be excess gasoline, you can see some liquid coming out and it smells STRONGLY of gasoline. The car was supercharged before I bought it with 500rwhp so it has an upgraded fuel pump and injectors. Could running to large of injectors be causing the problem? I dont know if the car was tuned again after the supercharger was removed.

    Any ideas? Here is a video of the rev. To add to it, what injectors should I be running? The car is putting out 304rwhp/340ft-lbs of tq.

  2. ryclef331

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    Jan 20, 2006
    I'm gonna say thats just water vapor (a by product of combustion)...you know like when a car is first fired up when cold it drips water out of the pipes. You really need to watch it under load but that bluish white usually means oil and since you said the oil light comes on....I'd lean towards that.
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    Jan 10, 2006
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    I think your fine, only thing I can think of if it is OIL that the car was sitting too long and the valve seals wore out.

    Try using your engine to slow you down, dip up into higher rpms till you come to a slow then drop it down a gear and hammer on the throttle (dont touch gas before this step) look in rearview for lots of blue smoke if you see it then its prob your valve seals.