Power steering pulley removal

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    I have an 94 GT I bought last year that I'm still in the process of getting back to good running and driving condition I recently bought couple of puller sets. One to remove and install harmonic balancer and one to remove and install power steering pulley but can't figure out how to use I've done everything I can and the part that goes around the lip of the pulley keeps wanting to go lop sided instead of straight. I use the part the paperwork said to use to remove it but won't pull it off straight and won't fit into the hole on the pulley and if I use one of the longer studs it won't tighten down to even try to remove the pulley. Can anyone give me any advice on what I may be doing wrong? Here's pictures of the kit I bought from Harbor Freight hoping I didn't get a kit I can't use, thanks in advance!

    [​IMG][/URL]20160314_165638 by mustangnick73, on Flickr[/IMG]

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