S197 brakes on SN95...

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    Tried looking this up and didn't find much... Need advice and opinions.

    So my dad's 2007 GT is a drama queen... Never had any problems with it until now, We've owned it since 2009, bought it with 1,800 miles on it used. It now has 130,xxx on it. Only thing we've put into the car was 1 set of pads and rotors, oil changes, and 2 sets of tires. The car made a creeking sound when you got on the gas, coming from the suspension I guess. We replaced shocks, struts, lower control arms, pads, rotors, tires, and wheel bearings. We had our neighbor replace the wheel bearings, the seals we used where faulty, the first time my dad drove the car on them he went up to Boston (2 hour drive) on business for a week, never checked for the rear end leaking like my neighbor suggested, came home and for the last 20 miles the rear end was howling, turns out all the fluids leaked out. Axles shot. Gears shot. New bearings shot. Had neighbor go complain to where he got the seals, they gladly replaced the seals for free but basically told us to **** off as far as the other parts are concerned. Had our neighbor replace everything for us after buying it all off American Muscle.... Turns out my neighbor messed up the shimming and lashing and all that jazz (not very familiar with rear ends so excuse my vocabulary). Rear end whined upon assembly, and after only 15 miles everything was ruined again, brought it to my dads good friend who has a shop, they put it on the lift and everything was destroyed. For the record my neighbor DOES know what he is doing.. he's been in mechanics for 35+ years, he used to build drag cars and what not. But he popped 3 or so disks in his back a few years ago which leaves him in constant pain, and he cant sit stand or lay down for more than 20 minutes at a time, hes always having to alternate. It was his condition that caused him to mess up the rear end and not his skill level. Only mentioning this because a few people on my Instagram and in person where bashing him, he's a good guy and knows his shit.

    Now present day, we scored a rear end for cheap. From a 2007 Gt with 25,xxx miles on it. the guy is also including brakes, rear springs, shocks, sway bar, gas tank, fuel pump, and lower control arms. My dad's Mustang had new shocks, lower control arms, brake pads and rotors, and wheels put on about 500 miles go.. So those parts won't be used, his gas tank is fine, he already has the stock sway bar, and his springs are fine.

    Now I looked into it and I believe my moms 2005 V6 Convertible does not have a sway bar, so we are going to use the new (used) sway bar on her car.

    I happen to need brakes, I wanted to replace my pads and rotors, but I am wondering if the brakes from the new rear end that we are picking up this Saturday would work with my car? Would it bolt right up or maybe need some adapter brackets? Can I atleast use the rotors? I'd love to put these onto my car as it's free and puts off me having to replace my rear brakes (which, mind you, haven't been used in 12 years... Car was wrecked in 2001 and didn't run until august of 2013... So I am sketched out about my brakes working for anything other than stopping me in my driveway...), I would only need front brakes then... (ALSO clearance isn't an issue, I have 2012 GT take off wheels on my car. My dad has the same exact wheels on his car, so the wheels will clear the s197 brakes no problem.

    Will probably be selling any extra parts we won't be using (lower control arms, shocks, springs, gas tank) so if anyone here happens to want those parts with 25,xxx miles on them off a 2007 GT let me know...