she don't look like this now... but...

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  1. oh yah... lol
  2. 94gtstang50

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    Feb 21, 2006
    Insurance sucks, they always rip you off anyway.
  3. Matts32vGT

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    May 25, 2006
    WHY!! take that pony to the glue factory! Its done. 94-98 mustangs are a dime a dozen, you are wasting your time
  4. lets see... this car with borla catback and full mac exhaust and the full eibach suspension + the sentinmental value...

    It will cost me less then $1000 dollars to fix it... I'm gonna spend extra for some aftermarket parts I dont need...

    so think...

    Will I be able to BUY a 94 mustang GT convertable with 70,000 miles and cool stuff like a cobra R hood and eibach suspension and borla exhaust?

    I Highly doubt it...

    and in NJ SN95s are rather rare... I know of two sn95s (the modular ones) in my area that are worth remembering...

    so its unreasonable for me... to bust my ass to buy a new car when I can fix the one I already have and love for a grand... I can weld and all that good stuff so this is easy work for me....

    :aresehole: :hammer:
  5. Foster98GT

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    Jan 26, 2006
    Greg, any new updates?
  6. no... not until I find a parts car... could find one next week... then again I might not find one for a few months... after I find a parts car... I'll post a thead (that maybe a mod could make sticky) for updates on my progress...

    as soon as I find a car things will be rollin quick...

    If I had the car and I didn't run into any problems I could get it all done in a week if I focused 8 hours of my time a day...

    So... I predict that since I am workin on a car... and running into problems is inevitable... and I work and in SEPT I'll be at school TUES - FRI... It'll take a good month or two...
    but when its all done

    MY CAR > :bunny3: