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May 15, 2008
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If your wondering who is SINISTER SHIFT KNOBS?

It's ME And the Name of the new Face Book Page i started to post up and show you guys what I'm up to with the shift knobs!
I am still researching some stuff and hope to start gathering the equipment needed to start making them soon but with no job its been very slow going :(

Anyway back on Topic, I am going to be offering Silicone Shifter Gaskets for the T-5, T-45 & TR 3650. Very Soon

I thought about doing it before but never got around to it, now its actually happening!
Let me first start by saying that the shifter gaskets offered by the competition currently sell for $15.99-$16.99.
I want to offer you guys a more durable better fitting product made from the same material the other guys are using for much less.

You can read some of the reviews for yourself on American Muscle and see that people complain about them squishing out on the sides, or holes not lining up properly causing the gasket to bunch up and not seat correctly. I plan on refining the design, fixing these issues and setting the benchmark for these shifter gaskets!

After some collaboration with a few Mustang guys.I have come to the conclusion, that the gasket that most offer that go between the shifter handle itself and the base handle of the shifter hardly gets used.Or even when its used doesn't make a big enough of a difference to even notice.With that said this won't be a "set" of gaskets it will be for the Shifter base only.

You can enjoy a Quieter Shifter, with out the messy use of RTV silicone or Gasket maker when you want to service or swap shifters on your transmission.Not to mention its Reusable! so you will never have to worry about scraping and cleaning the transmission or shifter of RTV silicone or worry about getting any old silicone debris inside your transmission.

Sorry for the long read, Let me know what you guys think and if your interested.I will only be making a few to get started, but if the demand is there i can take pre-orders and get working on additional gaskets as needed.

Oh and i suppose the most important part, My gaskets will start off at $11.50 SHIPPED anywhere in the USA!!!

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