slight blue smoke

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    Jun 18, 2013
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    I did some racing Saturday and all seemed fine with the car. I drove the car home, sunday I got out and did some crusing and started noticing a burnt oil smell and smoke coming from tailpipes. I figured I had finally damaged a hyper piston. well today I did a compression test and results are
    1 - 165
    2 - 170
    3 - 170
    4 - 165
    5 - 165
    6 - 170
    7 - 165
    8 - 155
    I did this after letting motor idle for 30 minutes twice and got exact same results. not the results I was expecting to get.# 8 is a little lower but still within 10%. none of the plugs had any oil on them and car seems to still run fine. It isn't low on power or anything. valve seals was replaced around 5 months ago when upgrading valve springs.
    car smokes hot or cold, puffs a pretty good cloud out when reving.
    i also run a turbo coupe pcv valve i removed it and all checked ok
    any one have any ideas?