So I need a new timing chain tensioner, what else can/should I do while I'm in there...


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Aug 20, 2021
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Finally got to wash my car after last months track event. When I went to start it to pull it out of the garage, heard a very loud and obvious ticking noise.

I removed the belt and the sound continued, so it's obviously internal. I'm 99% sure it's the timing chain tensioner from the research I've done and the questions I've asked.

Found some good resources that will help me change the timing chain and tensioners, which is likely the route I'll take since I'm being quoted 1100-1800 just in labor. I'm glad I don't have a track event until September, just sucks I can't drive it for the summer.

Now... since I'm gonna have the valve covers off. How hard is it to change the cams, and what else should I be looking to freshen up? Here are my questions....

1. What kind of cam should I go for? My goal is a high(er) reving NA car for road coarses.
2. What supporting modifications do I need? Bigger Fuel injectors? Fuel pump? Valve springs? etc...
3. Is this something that is even reasonable to accomplish while I'm doing the timing chain?
4. What resources do any of you all recommend for guidance? Per the guidance of Lwarrior1016 I'll be hitting up MMR, modular head shop, cushman motorsports and modmax racing.

Thanks in advance!


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Feb 10, 2022
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+1 on the billet oil pump gears, MHS and CMS make great cams. The stock pistons can only take so much lift without valve reliefs being cut into them. So just keep that in mind when talking to jim at cms or jordan at mhs.

Get a set of cloyes iron tensioners from rockauto,a new set of oem/cloyes guides. Metal back preferable if you can find it. Chains.

If you get aftermarket cams get a set of tfs adjustable crank gears.
Valve springs, get a set that the cam provider recommends for that specific cam.

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