stock manifold leak, looking for tips on swapping out headers.


Apr 15, 2014
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So long story short I've been tracking down this ticking noise when I accelerate in my car for a while now and I'm pretty confident its an exhaust manifold leak on the drivers side. I can feel the warm air coming out with my hand. I plan on just swapping them with a set of shorty headers, unfortunately no one makes shortys anymore aside from BBK and JBA and JBAs are pricey and from what I've read are prone to cracking. So that leaves me with BBKs, from what I've read they seem ok. But I may be leaning towards JBAs SS headers doing a little more research.

I dont want long tubes because I dont want to make life any more difficult when the time comes to drop the transmission. I already have a catted x pipe and I am supercharged so the scavenging affect means nothing to me. Also I dont want to bottom out on the LTs everywhere I go because Im about 2" lowered.

I've seen many people drop the K to install headers while others are successful doing it by just raising the engine. Anyone have any tips and tricks for removing and installing headers? I've looked around the interwebs but I've only come across vague descriptions. I'm assuming its relatively straight forward. I'd prefer no to drop the K but if its going to make life easy I can. Another thought since i'm suprecharged will I benefit having ceramic coated headers? Im assuming no because the whole idea of ceramic coating is to retain the heat in the exhaust which further increases the scavenging affect. The supercharger is just going to push all that air right along under boost condition. Is my thought process correct here? Thanks in advance.

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