Supercoil fail story


Oct 6, 2012
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Last year I replaced the stock coil on my 98 3.8 auto for no particular reason other than the need to add something "performance" to the car. I knew it would not be a noticeable improvement but perhaps I might gain a few mpgs. New wires, plugs, were done too. It seemed the same. I store the car for the winter so I put it back on the road a few weeks ago. It seemed to run fine for a car with 236k on the clock. I noticed a few times pulling out of work at night onto a busy road that it was lacking some power and bogging a bit. It seemed to go away. today I got the car inspected, it passed no problems. As I went to pull out I noticed that the car had no power and was bogging like it was running on 5 cylinders or something. But it idled so smooth. I figured that they must have reset the computer and it needed to learn again. I drove it around ans still the same problem. I got home and it idled so nice but if I hit the gas it sputtered. I shut it down. I remembered all the people who told me not to get the accel coil, that it was junk and had a high failure rate. 5 minutes later I had swapped my old coil back in. Started it up and vroom when I gassed it. Drove it around and beat the crap out of it with all the power that it used to have. Moral of the story, accel super coils suck. Beware.

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