Want To Trade Swap your SRA for my IRS.

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    Jan 14, 2014
    Been thinking about it a lot lately and I'm ready to get the IRS outta this car. What bugs me the most besides the weight is not being able to get a 15x10 drag wheel over the spindle... And who doesn't love a set of 15"/17" dark stars on an SN or new edge?

    IRS would be coming out of my 01 Cobra so it's the 31 spline like the 03/04s. I will include everything that has to do with an IRS as long as i can get everything for the SRA. IRS comes w hypercoils and full tilt boogie oversized camber adjusters. Everything else is bone stock. Could use a couple new spindle to control arm joints but the rest is damn solid for 70k miles on it. Never had wheel hop with it. Tail pipes are stock with 12" resonators welded in right after the mid pipe flanges. Also have a new set of Ford racing 4:10s still in the box I could possibly work into the deal.

    SRA must be a good rear with tail pipes from flanges back and already geared to 410 or 373. Ill have to wait till the right deal comes along and I feel 100% on it because I can see myself regretting it in a few months.

    Just lmk what ya got.. open to offers with other random parts. Lol I never know what I want next.

    I'm located in Southern MD.
    Not such a great pic. Before I did the exhaust.

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    Jan 25, 2007
    Capon Bridge, WV
    Since moving to the mountains ive been thinking of going to a IRS since there arent any localish drag strips near by.
    Some details/

    8.8 out of my 99GT
    new brake hardware and 1 bracket
    fresh fluids
    4.10 gears (a few chips on the ring gear, but otherwise fine and make no noise)
    yukon 28spline diff
    scott drake diff cover
    ARP diff cap studs
    stock axles
    FRPP 8.8 master overhaul kit
    SLP LM1 catback
    UPR pro series upper/lower control arms (500miles since new)
    UPR rear coilovers w/ strange 10 way shocks

    id be interested in discussing a deal. Im in WV