Swapping the auto out for a T5...easy?

Discussion in '94-95 5.0 - Specific' started by fordguysmith, Apr 3, 2007.

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    Apr 1, 2007
    In the future I would like to put a T5 in my car. I am going to go with a used one and rebuild it because I am short on money. How do I go about performing this swap? Will I need to swap the computers? What all do I need to complete the swap?
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    Your gonna need:

    brake and clutch pedal assembly
    tranny with clutchfork, bellhousing
    shifter, if the tranny didn't come with one.
    clutch cable
    engine backplate
    Tranny wiring harness. You can use the auto harness, but there's some wiring you have to do to the harness to make it work.
    Also the computer from the car.

    You can use the same tranny mount.

    I believe that's it?? I might have missed something. If I did, someone else will chime in. :thumb: