Th’ Stallion (98 GT)


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Dec 2, 2022
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I’ve been on here asking about my car, but never have shared too much about it. Since I’ve been modifying it, I figure keeping an online journal about her wouldn’t hurt...

Sometime in late October I bought it for 9500 from a dealership. That price includes a gps tracker (scam) and registration. Probably could’ve gotten it cheaper, probably shouldn’t have bought from the dealer, but I was excited, oh well. Learned manual on the car and got my first v8, quite the upgrade from my 2000 Corolla.

I guess in December is when I started having a power draw issue. Took it to a mechanic, they said the alternator was bad, that fixed it. Then it came back, called AAA, they said the battery was bad, so I replaced it and that fixed it. Then the issue happened again, so I decided to finally listen to the advice I got and removed the amplifier. It was a pain in the ass and I don’t have any music anymore (other than a Bluetooth speaker), but at least the car works.

A few weeks before I removed the amplifier, I installed a Pypes Pypebomb catback exhaust with my friend in his garage. It was a pain, took the whole weekend, but we got it done. left pipe is loose and is causing a rattling noise, so at some point I gotta jack it back up.

Earlier this month, after discovering my tires were from 2006, I decided to buy new 18x9 wheels to replace the scratched up 17 inchers. A few days ago I got tires put on those wheels and got them installed on the car. She rides much nicer now, and looks better too.

So what’s next? I reckon I’m gonna get a short throw shifter. My buddy just got one for his 350z and it feels really nice… I’m jealous. Stang is also due for an oil change… after that I’ll probably get a new amp and speakers so I can take advantage of my nice CDs. Then, I gotta replace the ball joints and will probably install lowering springs or coilovers. Not sure yet. Not sure what comes after that, maybe cosmetic mods. I’ll keep y’all updated though.


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