Thrust Bearing Wore Down

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    Jul 15, 2014
    So, after going through two motors, I'm at a loss. Gonna try to keep this short and simple.

    My thrust bearing is wore down about .020 on the rear after only 100 mile break in period. Took the motor out due to the beautiful, shiny shimmer in my oil.

    Something is pushing on the back of the crank. The end play in the crank was .004" prior to install. When i pulled the motor, it was at .024", hence, the .20 wore off the rear of the bearing.

    My input shaft length is correct, and is not the cause of the crank being shoved forward. I measured the shaft vs crank with the bellhousing installed. My engine builder and I are at a loss, thinking it could be the clutch because he claims he has seen this in other manufacturers before.

    Related information: Mildly built 306, Fox McLeod scatterproof bellhousing and fox clutch fork, mated up to a SN-95 transmission with the longer input shaft that is offset by a spacer designed for this mating. Again, all measurements were accurate and correct. the transmission slides in and out without any issues. Was using a Valeo OEM replacement clutch for the time being.

    Any other ideas? I don't want to go through another motor...
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    Mar 7, 2006
    Clutch cable is over adjusted.

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    That or the entire clutch assembly could just be wrong.