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    Ok so i was reading that some guy, if you are the guy who did this feel free to say something and/or correct me, changed his timing to i think 14? and then swapped from an auto to a 5 speed with o/r h-pipe and catbacks and ran a 13.9 but with an auto he ran like a 14.7

    does timing really make that big of a difference, i know alot had to do with the 5 speed swap cuz less power loss in the drivetrain but still, timing makes that big of a difference?

    if i was going to change mine, what should i change it to and why?
    is it because when you shift it puts you back into your "power band"?

    what would be my power band or how can i tell? i mean yeah its when you pull the hardest or whatever but any way of knowing without dogging the car?