Too Sensitive TCS?

Discussion in 'General Tech' started by Jetsetter, Oct 10, 2014.

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    Sep 3, 2008
    01 Mustang GT, stock.

    A little back story, the tires I had on the front were wearing at an angle and making a shit ton of noise, so I swapped the fronts with some 95 Cobra R rims I pulled off a car in the junkyard. The tires on the junkyard car were probably about 30% to 40% left. The rears are probably 20% to 30%, not long for this world, but still some definite rubber.

    Since I swapped the rims, I'm getting the TCS light to come on frequently, mostly at high speeds in high gear. I tried a little test tonight, 5 times gas halfway down in 4th gear at 80. Each time the TCS would come on and typically stay on. However, when I turn the TCS off, same scenario, no wheel spin. No diving, no rear end sliding, no loss of traction, just consistent acceleration. I tried the same scenario at 60 with a 3rd gear pull, same thing plays out.

    My next variable to change is to put the old tires back on as I don't believe I was having this problem before swapping, but has anyone heard of this problem before? I think the TCS runs off of the ABS sensor, would that be the culprit? Wouldn't I have an ABS light on if it was?