TPS problems... damn... wtf?

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  1. Alrighty... trying to test the voltage on the TPS of my old pick up truck...

    Its an '87 f150 w/ a 302...

    I went through the entire rigamaro process of testing for voltage... and now I'm stratchin my head...

    When I test for DC Voltage... I get nothing... nothing at IDLE... nothing at WOT...

    So I figured eh, TPS is bad, no biggy, got another next door...

    Then, for shits n giggles, I tested for OHMs...


    On the RX100 setting I get a reading of 100...

    I don't know crap about this OHMs shit...

    Why the heck is it reading OHMs and not Voltage...

    I must be doing something ass backwards or something...

  2. Ok... nevermind... my dad learned all about continuity...

    But... I have yet another question...

    Listen to this... the damn TPS has no juice running through it... yet, after putting everything back together (I'm saving the TPS project for another day) and taking her to Sunoco for some petrol... Guess what? The mother ****** runs great...

    I don't get it...

    Am I on the right track? TPS + No Juice = problem so fix?

    The truck's idle problems is intermittent... one day runs nice... few days later, idles @ 3000 and stalls when you release the clutch...

  3. come on... someone learn me this shit...

    I hate wires and sensors and gizmos and gadgets..

    I wanna try n get this sucker running nice... if the TPS aint the problem, I'm gonna get a carb... f**k EFI

    and BTW... Sometimes when I test the TPS... it has no juice, other times it does... I'm am completely dumb founded
  4. scarface

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    TPS problems.....

    lol..Payback for my TPS problems a while back :)

    Mine did wierd things also man..I had backwards voltage in my 97?

    sorry no help, I couldnt resist the office space :)
  5. rofl... thanks...
  6. GDawg

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    Apr 12, 2006
    Don't forget your cover sheet... :hammer:

    My TPS never read the voltages like other's told me it should. After the blower I had to replace it cause my idle was all messed up. The new one corrected the problem. But I paid someone to test it and replace it... I work too much and didn't have the time.
  7. scarface

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    Mine didnt read right either...the voltages were completely backwards than they were supposed to
  8. where the heck is rycleff? or however you spell his name
  9. scarface

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    PM him and direct him to this thread... he hangs out in the 5.0 section.
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    Sep 12, 2006
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    my new pi motor idles at 2k. not sure though if that's the TPS or not. sorry to hack the thread.
  11. scarface

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    that sounds like a IAC not TPS. Or a vacuum leak.
  12. AaRoN

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    Sep 12, 2006
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    IAC huh? haven't thought of that. thanks bud!
  13. scarface

    scarface Guest me if you want help tracking it down...that dang 97gt had high idle..I figured out most of the problem areas.
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    Jan 20, 2006
    You're doing this with the key ON and the ENgine OFF correct? The TPS (no matter what kind it is) should have 3 wires going to it. ONE is a Ground, ONE is a 5V+ "power", and the LAST one is the signal wire. Are you sure you're on the right one?
  15. yes... its the TPS, theres 3 wires, I'm testing off the green one... and grounding it on the block... key on, motor not running...

    Wanna hear something funny, I tried testing it again, it had juice... took it for a drive... no juice...

    So its intermittent... think I should replace the son r bitch?

    any other ideas as to what the problems might be?

    Sometimes, it runs great... idles perfect... just plain awesome...

    other times, you need to give it a ton of gas to get it running (when cold) cause it won't idle at all... then once you get the dern thing running, it'll idle up around 2000RPMs... and it will go back n forth from idling @ 2000RPM and not at all...

    Its got a new motor, new fuel system... the only thing that wasn't replaced, was the TB... when we put the new Jasper motor in that we yanked out of a different f150... we used the old TB cause the Jasper one was fawked...

    Thanks for the help, I appreciate it
  16. scarface

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    get your ground from the TPS not the block.
  17. why does it matter?
  18. scarface

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    I dont know, but the way to check the tps according to the manual doesnt say check it like that
  19. It doesn't matter.... I don't feel like cutting up 2 wires when I ain't gotta...
  20. scarface

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    holy crap Greg...why would you cut any wires???? you take two needles and push them into the harness plug then you touch the leads to the needles.