Transmission swap question

Discussion in '94-04 - V6 Specific' started by RustyRodder, Oct 23, 2015.

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    Jun 22, 2014
    So backstory-

    Car has had tranny issues since installing blower, and putting a few miles on it (First stalled when put into gear, now it puts a load on the engine and slips 1000RPM when kicking from 4>3, and slams into 2nd).

    Decided I have 3 options-

    1) rebuild current auto. could be cheap- could be expensive.

    2) buy a reman'd auto (about 1100), and install it. About 1700 overall.

    3) Buy manual sixxer, cannibalize it and swap in the stick.

    Im looking at option 3- I know that 99-00 is different from 01-04. What differences are the reason that the swap isnt direct? I know its a flywheel difference, but what else?