Understanding how to fix engine codes

Discussion in '94-95 5.0 - Specific' started by Anrev, Jul 17, 2007.

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    Feb 16, 2007
    I pulled the codes on my car last night and I know what they mean. BUT Im not sure how to fix some of them.

    157 Mass air sensor fault, low voltage.
    158 Mass air sensor fault, high voltage.
    172 O2 sensor, lean condition RH side.
    181 Adaptive fuel @ limit @ part throttle RH side.
    189 Adaptive fuel @ limit @ part throttle LH side.
    327 EGR circuit below min voltage.
    334 EGR position sensor voltage above closed limit.

    So what do I need to do to fix 157 and 158? I have already tried to clean the MAF sensor. 181, 189 & 172 mean Im running lean. I guess I might still have a vacuum leak. And then with 327 and 334 I have no idea again. Is the sensor bad? The EGR is currently blocked off but the wires are still hooked up.

    Anyone got any ideas?
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    Jan 20, 2006
    Your EGR needs to either be shut off with a tune or tricked (see the sticky at the time). As for the MAF, you might try a new one if you can find someone to swap it out with. WHen you fix the MAF and the EGR, the lean issue could fix itself as well.