Up Date on 94 5.0 convert.

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Mar 20, 2014
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Naples, Florida
OK, I've gone from bone stock when I bought the car 13 weeks ago to the following.

Car was wearing its original paint but tired and suffering a few parking lot mishaps here and there so first thing was body and paint. I took everything off before sending it out to the paint shop and then reassembled it two weeks after it cleared the booth. Used PPG product on every stage and finished it off with three coats of 2021 clear... came out very nice.

Previous owner appears to have used it to ferry their dog(s) to the beach and never cared or understood their is a switch to raise the top.
Seats and carpet were destroyed so... new leather in saddle front and rear, new carpet and I refurbished the steering wheel, inner door panels and Q-panels as well. Took the console apart and resprayed it along with all black trim parts on the interior. Again, it came out very nice.

The saddle convertible was OK but showing its age, so, new top (glass window) installed.

The fun part: Installed BBK ceramic shorties, BBK X high flow cats and Flowmaster cat back system; sounds terrific! At the same time I swapped the pathetic 2.75 rear ratio with Ford Racing 3.73 and added a shift kit while servicing the trans as well.

4 New KYB's out back and 2 new KYB struts up front in addition to Ford Racing lowering springs all the way around and a front end alignment adjuster plate kit on top of the towers.

Cobra 17" rims and BF Goodrich 245x45x17 G-Force Sports take care of the footwork.

I could not be happier with how it came out and I'm looking forward to pulling the engine for a 347 rebuild and a Trick-Flow top end kit in August/September when its too hot to tool around with the top down. Thanks for all the advise from the forum members.


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