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Mar 9, 2006
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McAllen, Texas, United States
.....this is a post from my local mustang club. My car is coming along and wanted to share my joy with my buddies here.

Well the car has gone through a few changes recently and wanted to share the progress (well my joy actually) with you all.

As you know, i had Ford Motorsport 4.30 gears installed to help get the car on its way (the automatic needed help). As it turned out, the VIN # told us the car had 3.27 so we figured 4.30s would be cool. it actually turned out that the car had 3.08s, lol. So now the 4.30s are MONSTEROUS! i love em. I can proudly say that i have a traction problem, lol.
As a follow up, the install work was awesome. Props go out to Exxon Pete. He rebuilt my T-Lok nice and tight. Leaves two nice Black Lines when i put the pedal to the metal! The gears are great. no whining or popping or antying that shouldnt be happening back there. Oh yeah, The car had a little BLING BLING added too with a Summit Racing Chrome Rear End Cover......You like Nino? lol!

It was last in the shop to have the 4Cyl Fox Springs installed up front. We also ( i say we cause i give moral support, lol), installed fox body GT rear springs out back.
The front is SLAMMED exactly how i wanted it. I LOVE THE LOOK! The front bumper is literally 5 inches off the ground. The drop hugs the new WELDS nicely! VERY SEXY!
The rear dropped a little. I am contempating cutting a coil or putting some clamp things that Pete recommended for the rear springs to lower the car a bit but not sure since in LOVE the racked look that it has now.

The car handles VERY DIFFERENT now with the springs and the removed front sway bar. It took me some time to get used to the handle of the car, Almost ran off the road taking a curve at about 40MPH, lol...I was like the steering wheel is turning but the car wantss to go the other way, lol.
I guess those front runners with Kuhmo 165/80/R15s dont really motivate the car to wanna turn. No drifting for me anytime soon , lol.

I was curious how the car looked launching with the new springs so i drove by a bank in Mission and hit it hard. that front nose really jumped up tranferring the weight to the rear of the car. It looks very cool! Maybe i can motivate NINO to make a Vid of my car if my times at the track improve, lol.

On a side note, a few mishaps have taken place that kinda suck. I mentioned earlier that some jackass admired my car so much that he decided eh wanted to take it. Well they ggot as far as breaking the locks but thats about it.
later that day i had parked my car under the car port at my place and a tree fell down right on the car port, DIRECTLY ON TOP OF MY CAR. no damage ot my car but pissed the hell out of me. WHAT ELSE CAN GO WRONG! last night we went out and somewhere along the course of the night, someone backed up and hit my car..... ( i think thats what happened) because witnesses with me say i was a little buzzed and did not hit anything, lol :-D .
Now my front bumper cover looks like crap.

Here are some pics for your viewing enternainment. Poor quality from a camera phone.






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Jan 12, 2006
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I have 4:30's myself...............yea they are the shit :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: