Which transmission will work?

Discussion in 'Drivetrain' started by bonestock3.8DTH, May 29, 2014.

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    Hey guys! So today on my way home from school I was driving up a hill and my transmission decided to slip a couple times pretty hard. My car is an automatic as most of you would of assume and it has to my knowledge 203,000 miles on it so it's probably on its way out the door. Which leads to my question, what transmissions will work in my car? It is a 1996 and I figure the transmission from 96-98 mustangs with v6s should work but is there any other years I could pull one from that would work? And would a transmission say from a 96 Mustang GT work? And if it would fit and bolt up do they have longer gears? Any advice would be great thanks guys!
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    Your 3.8L has a completely different bolt pattern than the 4.6L so no, a GT trans won't work. Also the 96-98 cars use VSS for the speedometer and the 99-up is OSS only so you'll need a Dallas speedcal to keep your speedometer working if you go with a 99-04 V6 trans. Or just swap in a T-5 if you want to go manual trans.