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    Oct 27, 2006
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    Hey i found where the red vacume line goes and it apears that it got to the fuel spot right by the intake... The green vac line goes to the EGR.. Well with that red line being broke could that cause the car to no start???? Od is it mostly due to the timing being off really bad??

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    Jan 20, 2006
    The car should still start....even if the fuel pressure regulator has no vaccum signal to it...it will just run richer all the time except at WOT. Verify the fuel pump is priming when you turn the key to on (you'll here it whine for a second in the back)...once it does that, find the schrader valve (fuel system test port) on the fuel rail and poke it with a screw driver. It should squirt so be careful. Next verify you have spark....pull a plug wire and take a screw driver and stick it in the boot....hold it next to something that is a good ground (BY THE SCREW DRIVER'S PLASTIC HANDLE!)(headers work good if you can reach that). Not on...just a small gap so you can see the spark. If you have both and it still doesn't start, verify your timing and that it isn't 180 out (i.e. it trying to fire on the during the end of the exhaust stroke rather than the compression stroke). Take out the distributor and rotate it (the rotor! not the body of it) and reinstall. Still no luck? Check to see if the injectors are firing. The red wire on each injector should have a constant 12v and the other wire is grounded whenever said injector is supposed to fire....try that out.