1. Jman2025

    Help on looking for this specific hard brake line?

    Working on the rear of my 2003 v6, but one of the hard brake lines snapped, so now I need to replace the whole line. I was hoping someone could help identify which specific line this one could be. It's on the rear passenger side, and the car doesn't have ABS. I was hoping someone could help...
  2. C

    Brake Booster installation help

    Hi! I recently bought my 95 Mustang, and one of issues it had was a leaking brake booster. So, I removed the old one but now I can't get the new one in, it keeps rubbing on the strut tower. Now I realized that the old one had one of the mounting bolts broken so that may have been why it came...
  3. Monday

    Another Brake Question...

    OK, I going to be honest for a moment. I currently have a pretty awesome Pony. I have tried to make the build as cheap as possible; Open Box; FB, and get myself the tools – all of them – so I wouldn’t have to get (and really pay for – 100$ an hour at most shops, more at a few) Professional...
  4. Monday

    Mk4 big brake kit

    Will a Mk4 big brake kit fit a GT? Can't seem to get a straight answer from my other mechanic named Google... tyia
  5. Link224

    Brakes are dragging after being replaced.

    I replaced the rotors and pads on my 02 GT recently and while I was doing that I decided to paint my hubs and wheel liners. Not my first brake job but after I put it all back together both front pads where dragging like they were hanging up but I had no issue with the pistons going in and the...
  6. N

    SP Performance Rotors

    Thanks for the add guys. I haven't been on forums since my Subaru days so forgive me if I'm not up to date with proper etiquette. I recently picked up a 03 Cobra and the previous owner threw in a complete set (4) slotted rotors from a company called SP Performance. My first reaction was "Oh...

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