coolant leak

  1. B

    coolant leak from unknown hose.

    hey y'all, new to the forum and to mustangs in general. i recently bought a 95 v6 a couple months ago and its leaking coolant now. the leak is coming from a whose near the throttle but i don't know what its called an i haven't been able to find anything else online about it. i marked where the...
  2. T

    Coolant leaking

    Hi, I drive a 1995 V6 3.8l Mustang. A few days ago it started overheating, I had a look at it, seemed to be the water pump. Finally got the new Parts and took it to the mechanic. What we saw there was that it was leaking from behind the water pump. It seems like it might be some sort of gasket...
  3. Voltuh97

    Coolant Leak?

    I have a bone stock 97 gt automatic, it runs great but i notices last week green fluid on the AC compressor now i don't know where its coming from. The AC works great and the AC Clutch engages when its supposed to. I also noticed some build up on this black hose. I would appreciate any kind of...

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