1. B

    4.6 swap?

    Hi. I've noticed that the old crown victoria motors are relatively cheap and reliable. I was thinking about putting one in the mustang. Eventually I would like to put in a t56 transmission. anyone know about problems I could face? Wiring tips? Fitment? Etc I would most likely be putting in a...
  2. C

    Engine Knocking After Fresh Build

    I just finished rebuilding my engine (Anderson B31 cam, .030 Over Forged Summit pistons, The crank was ground, all new bearings and rings, new 1.6 crane stud mount rockers, gt40p heads with upgraded springs, explorer intake, 42lb injectors) and installed an on3 70mm Single Turbo kit. It was hard...
  3. ForeverDriven

    Knock knock! Engine knock.

    Just bought a 97 GT for $2600 (basically $2k for the car itself because it came with winter tires, rims, etc). Has some knock, but here is my trouble. It's random. The car makes the sound under half of the time, and goes away fairly quickly too, which makes me think bad damage hasn't really been...

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