1. A

    HELP with choosing right exhaust set up

    Hey guys hope youre doing well. I have 1997 GT and Im struggling to find which exhaust set up would be the best for me. Im content with how the car sounds its Stock and has a short ram air intake which I believe makes it sound even louder. id like to mess with exhaust purely for HP gains. Would...
  2. dookiemane

    v6 Junkyard exhaust options?

    So I was driving down the highway recently and my muffle fell off after I inched home I take a look under the car I notice that the flange on the mid-pipe is missing a side and the one bolt holding the muffler on fell off. That explains it coming loose but it shouldn't straight up fall like it...
  3. BRN2GND

    New budget build

    completely stock 1996 GT, 40,000 miles currently collecting parts for a budget build, luckily its easy with the SN95's! Current dillema: I got a BBK x pipe connected to a borla cat back. x pipe was for long tube BBK's. I am looking to install unequal shorty's and need the intermediate/mid pipe...

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