gauge cluster

  1. Jason.Silus

    What are the effects of swapping a V6 gauge cluster into a V8?

    As I understand it to be, the connections for the gauge clusters are specific to years 94-95, 96-98, and 99-04. I have a '96 GT, with the fuel gauge needle not moving. I've tested the resistance and replaced the sending unit, and all is normal. I've come to the conclusion the gauge cluster is...
  2. dookiemane

    Short to the instrument cluster?

    Hey folks, I'm having a problem with some of the gauges in my '97 instrument cluster. The fuel gauge used to work then began to work intermittently, and now is completely shot save for sweeping sometimes when the car starts then returning to past E regardless of how much gas is in the tank. The...
  3. D

    Should I paint the gauge needles?

    I have to pull the cluster on my '95 GT to replace the odometer gears. While I'm doing that, I'm replacing the bulbs with LEDs. The florescent orange paint on the back of the needles has faded over time probably from the top being down. I've read that the needles are difficult to put back in the...

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