irs swap in 95 gt

  1. Dillon95

    1995 mustang 4v swap

    so im new here so hopefully im posting this right but my name is kaleb and i have just recently bought a 95 mustang with the 3.8 v6 and i have a 1993 Lincoln Mk VIII that has a blown trans and no title so i wanted to put this 4v into the mustang. the motor from the lincoln runs great but the...
  2. W

    IRS swap in 95 GT

    Hello All, Any thoughts on the pro's/con's of swapping my factory rear end? Currently its a stock 1995 GT with a 273 gear. I was thinking up picking up a used IRS rear end. Is it worth it? What year IRS car would I be able to use as the donor? Is this a simple swap or will I need to...

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