rough idle

  1. U

    95 V6 Fuel-trim Problems

    Hey guys! I'm new here - and more or less, a "new" owner of a 95 Mustang V6. I already went through a lot of threads looking for a solution (or maybe even a hint) on the probs i got with my pony. At this point, i'm sorry for the long text. And also sorry for probably having a strange way of...
  2. 9

    Rough/Choppy idle and slight miss

    Alright I have a 96 GT that’s completely stock other than a CAI and straight piped off-road x pipe. I’ve had this issue for the past 2 months and cannot figure it out. The car will almost always start up just fine and make it about a block down the road and then as soon as I let off the gas and...
  3. E

    '94 Mustang: Rough Idling on Start

    Hi folks, I don't know much about cars but I'm trying to learn. My good old '94 Stang has been such a faithful little car, and I love driving her. Car: 1994 Ford Mustang (base) V6, manual transmission mileage: unknown (estimated > 250k) Lately though, she's had a lot of trouble when I first...
  4. MrBones

    95 5.0L horrible engine and driveability problems. HELP!

    My 95 5.0 GT I built is running really weird. Before getting up to temp it bogs down and wants to stall. When it is up to temp it bogs down and stalls when putting it in gear. I have to give it gas just to keep it running. When I do give it gas it usually hangs around 2,000 rpm. It doesn't snap...

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