1. D

    Possible exhaust leak?

    My 95 5.0 has bbk long tube headers, bbk catted x pipe and a pypes catback. ever since i remember it has had this extremely annoying "lawnmowery" sound at low rpms, like a ticking type of sound that gets higher with the rpms. Recently, another sound was added, a little rattle, also heard with...
  2. ForeverDriven

    Lifter Replacement (With heads off) questions

    Been in the middle of replacing my 4.6Ls head gasket on a 97 GT. Before I started the work, the engine did have a ticking noise that was getting worse as time went on. I ran it for about a month and a half with that tick, and by the time I was starting the head job, the ticking was real loud...
  3. ForeverDriven

    P0175 plus Light pulsing vibration (also tickin)

    So I just bought a 1997 Mustang GT (After my 98 v6 got wrecked) and I've been going through minor problems here and there, which are mostly just rattles. However, on a drive home two or three days ago the check engine light came on and right around that same time, I noticed a small pulsing...

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