1. A

    17x12 double beadlock drag wheels for our cars?

    I'm gonna get some beadlock wheels sometime soon as the beast is almost running and that 300 shot is gonna hit hard before the 60ft, and I'm worried I'm gonna spin the radials on the rims, plus I love the look of those billet beadlock rings, I don't like the look of 15s and 16s. Anyone have some...
  2. S

    Wheel fitment

    Wondering if I can fit 225/55 R18s on steel 42mm offset 5x114.3 wheels on my Stang, curious if I’ll have to modify anything, I’m pretty sure based off of research that the offset is fine and I know the bolt pattern is correct, more wondering about fender clearance. Thanks in advance.
  3. Mobbin50

    Wheel Offset

    I have a 95 GT and was looking at the 94-98 Saleen style wheels 17x9 with +24mm offset. Im on about 1.5in lowering springs looking for a good stance. I plan on buying coil overs later on. I would be running 245/45/17 tires and was wonder how far out I can safely get my wheels before running into...

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