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Posting my 04 interior for trade/sale. It's going to take me longer than expected to get the pics up. I can email or msg pics sooner- if interested. Possibly trade for a set of decent wheels for some fresh autocross meats.
Im want to convert my 1998 mustang gt tail lights to the 94/95 tail lights can that be done ??
Yes, it can be done. I believe You’d need the harness that goes with the tail lights though.
Help. The speedo is reading high. I mean really high. At 35 by GPS the speedo is reading over 100. The odometer is not working. I have been thinking about replacing the speed sensor but if I do that I would want to get a new gear for it just to be safe. Only thing is I don't know what gear to get. The car is stock. It's a 5 speed manual. It has been doing all this since I got it about a month ago.
Hey this is Joe. You had been messaging about the Teksid shortblock. I'm looking to get $3300 for it. I've looked into shipping for other people and it looks like its approx. $250 from Colorado to the East Coast using Fastenal. If there is one close to you that is one of the most affordable ways to do it.

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hey sorry about that. i think im going to wait and see what kind of shape my motor is in when i yank it out in a few weeks, and build my own
I’m ughing!!.. I smell coolant and did a pressure test. Had a hose clamp dripping and fixed that and still smell coolant. It’s not “burn off” and I’m not losing fluid !!! And it holds pressure. I’m running out of ideas. Car maintains good temp too. Any ideas
Not being a butthole but how do you know it not old or burn off? Coolant will leave a residual smell for a little while and more so when hot.
That Mustang Guy
That Mustang Guy
Agreed, I been turning wrenches for 20+ years so it is possible to smell any type of leak for sometime even after the fix. The smell can reside in the HVAC system for awhile as well.
Hey how's it going? buried in snow here this past month. Makes me look forward to Spring for sure. Just thought i'd mention to you that i might be joining the 4v procharger club. I found a great deal on a set up and all i have to do is hit the "pay" button and I could be messing with it this summer. Even though its 1/3 of the price of new kit its hard to spend the
i pick up a 1995 mustang GT that is war pony needs some TLC to say the less .,.,i like project cars my 1st mustang own
but i driving a few really nice mustang .,.,mach 1 60s a 1969 GT350 shelby white and blue white inter
well im new to the site looks like funny.,.,
Hey everyone I got a 97 3.8 mustang it used to be a auto car . I swapped it to a manual and had to use a t5 out of a 2002 . I haven’t had a speedometer in a while how could I make the Speedo work using this transmission?
Hello my name is Hasani, and my hope is that this message finds you well and in good spirits. I know it's been some time since you last posted about the Tbird but I'm curious to know what the finished product looked like. Do you still have the car? I just bought a 93 LX and want to do a coyote swap and I loved your post it gave me inspiration!!!
:cool: Finished Turbo Build!! :cool:

Here is a photo dump of everything that I took during the process it may be helpful some people in the future

Hey Guys looking a one stop shop that can do it all, engine work ,motor tuning, custom body work exterior/ interior, suspension etc... A shop that's dose excellent work no cutting corners and is honest, reliable and stands beside their work... Also price friendly... Thanks SN95 Nation.
Soo.. What area of the country are you in?
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Please contact me- I'm working on wiring a Terminator X Max in my '94 GT 'Vert.
I don't have a contact for you or I would. I got almost all my wiring done on the car. I can see if I can help you out.
I have a 95 convertible that I bought a Terminator X for. How did you match up all connectors? I scrapped that Idea and am now trying to get a Sniper EFI installed.

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