1. S

    Mustang turns off

    I got a 1995 mustang gt runs good but recently just randomly started turning off but it doesn’t misfire before it turns off, it doesn’t overheat if anyone knows why could y’all let me know
  2. valkyrie302

    Help needed - fuel line loose at the rail??

    Hello! I’m very new to both this forum and the world of Mustangs. I’ve owned my first Mustang, a 1995 GT with a 302, for about a year now, but have only recently started seriously tinkering with it. I recently attempted to replace the dizzy and set timing, but messed up and had to start over...
  3. Y

    Stock fuel pressure regulator on Aftermarket fuel rail?

    Hey, so I just purchased a set of Edelbrock fuel rails for 94-95 mustangs. Is it possible to use the stock fuel pressure regulator or should I use an aftermarket one? Thanks

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