1. D

    Forgotten Ground Connections After Engine Pull/Reinstall

    Hey everyone. This my first time on any sort of forum like this on the internet and I hope I'm in the right place. I'll try to make it short and sweet. My project car is a 2002 Ford Mustang GT with the TR3650. I bought it last year and over the course of about 14-15 months (slowly but surely...
  2. F

    How common are these

    About to go look at a 97 GT with 100k miles on it in a few days. I read in a sticky that valve seals and timing chains can fail at 120k+ miles but I was wondering how common is it for them to fail? Is it a given that at that mileage I’ll run into the issue, is it 50/50 chance, etc. Besides...
  3. J

    1st Mustang 2000 Gt Convertible Any Advice

    Just wanted to introduce myself. Guess i'll start with that i always wanted 1995 mustang coupe since my mothers boyfriend had one when i was little and i would "help" work on it. As you can tell by my title that's not what i ended up getting, but it was a good deal and its a friends friends car...
  4. ForeverDriven

    Rebuild Suggestions?

    I've got my 1997 4.6 Romeo torn down at the moment. I'm almost ready to put everything back together, just waiting on the bottom end bolts and a way to find some PI heads. The rebuild is mostly stock with some PI heads (hopefully). What does everyone suggest I go get machined? I'm just gonna...
  5. ForeverDriven

    Knock knock! Engine knock.

    Just bought a 97 GT for $2600 (basically $2k for the car itself because it came with winter tires, rims, etc). Has some knock, but here is my trouble. It's random. The car makes the sound under half of the time, and goes away fairly quickly too, which makes me think bad damage hasn't really been...