1. T

    Adaptive Learning? ECU Reset Learning Period

    It's been a while since the battery was last disconnected on my car, and today I unhooked it for about an hour to clear my IAT code (54), and after I reconnected it, I went for a drive and the car felt very different. I understand this is normal, but in hopes of learning more for the future, if...
  2. Yellow00Stang

    Battery light / idle voltage

    I have a 2000 GT that has had the battery light on since I bought it 1.5 years ago. Got it checked out at Ford when I bought it. They said the electrical system checked out fine and it could be the aftermarket alternator. Drove until a couple of weeks ago and battery died. Alternator seemed to...
  3. S

    97 4.6L GT convertible 200a alternator/electrical problems

    So pretty similar to the other thread same part a power master 200a alternator from summit, I got mine bc I’m running a 1200w Max 600w RMS audio system (both amp and 12” sub power rating) this system is ran separately from the stock Mach 460 system which is still in use the only thing connecting...
  4. 5.0Dell

    Alternator not charging

    I recently bought a 95 Gt and for some reason the alternator didn’t charge. After looking online I see that some people either replaced the gauge cluster (I did but no change) or take the green wire and tie it into a 12v source (I tied it into the low coolant reservoir wire and it’s charging)...
  5. T

    HELP!! 2002 Mustang not starting!

    So today my car got stuck at work simply because it would not start. We tried jumpstarting it it cracks for a second then gives out. When starting without the cables it clicks then shuts off. If you have any advice please come my way!! Thanks in advance.
  6. E

    Battery jumped in reverse: where to look for problems?

    I own a 1994 3.8L Ford Mustang, manual transmission. Recently replaced my red positive battery cable with a new black cable. I left my lights on today and ran the battery dead. I have a battery jump starter, but like a moron I connected the cables backwards due to the black positive cable...

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