1. 5.0Dell

    Alternator not charging

    I recently bought a 95 Gt and for some reason the alternator didn’t charge. After looking online I see that some people either replaced the gauge cluster (I did but no change) or take the green wire and tie it into a 12v source (I tied it into the low coolant reservoir wire and it’s charging)...
  2. T

    HELP!! 2002 Mustang not starting!

    So today my car got stuck at work simply because it would not start. We tried jumpstarting it it cracks for a second then gives out. When starting without the cables it clicks then shuts off. If you have any advice please come my way!! Thanks in advance.
  3. E

    Battery jumped in reverse: where to look for problems?

    I own a 1994 3.8L Ford Mustang, manual transmission. Recently replaced my red positive battery cable with a new black cable. I left my lights on today and ran the battery dead. I have a battery jump starter, but like a moron I connected the cables backwards due to the black positive cable...

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