convertible top

  1. Monday

    Question for you Vert People

    I have looked and cannot find a post that was discussing/recommending a protectant/restorer; I need something other than 'RVP' for my roof. Can someone tell me what they have found to be the best product for their convertible roof? Thanks...
  2. ZED

    1998 Mustang GT convertible top off track

    i have been trying everything to get this thing to lock in. its literally like an inch away from being back on track. its a bit crooked. someone plz help!
  3. R

    Can't bleed convertible top lines

    So as the title states, I have been unable to get the top in my '04 convertible to retract or extend from the completely up or completely down position. I've gone through over $1,000 in replacement parts because I keep stripping cylinders or messing up the lines. I've cracked the lines at the...

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