coyote swap

  1. tonyconti12

    2002 GT Coyote Swap Transmission Compatibilities

    I have a clean 2002 Gt I just picked up. I'm starting to gather parts for a gen 2 coyote swap. I plan on adding a supercharger eventually so I want to go ahead and get a trans that can handle that power at some point. I am struggling to find out exactly which manual tremec transmissions will...
  2. ForeverDriven

    1997 Mustang GT, Coyote Swap.

    Here is my supercharged coyote swap! 5spd T45 (poor thing is still holding on somehow), Cervini Stalker kit draped in the newer Deep Impact Blue. Sadly still has some issues to work out, like a pulsing vibration at higher speed that drives me nuts, but she's perfectly road worthy and fun as hell!
  3. white95

    Come! Ride with me!

  4. white95

    White's '95 GT "Unicorn"

    The Unicorn My Autocross and HPDE toy! 2017 F150 5.0 (Gen 2) JE pistons (12.5:1 compression) 2018 Mustang GT intake (ported) Motion Raceworks 92MM TB Motion Raceworks throttle cable L&M intake camshafts Gen 2 Mustang exhaust camshafts ARP cam tower bolts ARP cam phaser bolts ARP...

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