1. ForeverDriven

    Electrical Fuel Issues, How Fun

    Alright! Some may remember me from last fall when I made a similar post about my '97 Coyote Swap. Well, issues have persisted and I'm here again for more help! Here is a video (it is a safe google drive link)
  2. ForeverDriven

    Quick Fuel Diagnosis Anyone? (Coyote Swap)

    Hey guys, came here for some possible help. Coyote swap (gen 1 truck engine) into a 97 Mustang. At first, had problems with running out of fuel at 3k rpms. Did a 255lph pump (should be more than enough?) And I thought I fixed it, but now I'm just cutting out at 4k instead. Would a fuel filter...
  3. ForeverDriven

    Coyote Swap! (The hell should I do with the wiring?)

    Alright so I've got a coyote swap going! Motor is going into a 97 GT. My main question is the starting/fuel system. The instructions mention that I should solder the fuel pump, starter request, and all that biz to the PCM. Question is, if I keep the old computer partially hooked up and keep the...

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