first car

  1. Monday

    My 1st Two Builds

    My first two builds. Did both in Grades Eleven and Twelve. I just wanted to share - feeling nostalgic :) 1928 Chevy and 1970 Beetle
  2. S

    First Car Time

    Hello, My name is Julian and I live in the Seattle, Washington Area. I just passed my driving test and received my license, without going into to much detail I'm starting to look at potential first cars. I've been interested in Mustangs for the better part of 2 years now and was wondering which...
  3. SN95_#19_DSA

    New Member, looking to get a SN95!

    Hey everyone, looking to get a 1994-1998 Mustang GT in the next few days. Completely new to this so bear with me here. I have been using a motorcycle daily for the last 4 years and think this would be a great first car. Moved a lot so never got the 'first car' experience when I was 16...

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