1. 98GTAZ

    STFT/LTFT Way Off No Codes

    So I am pretty sure I have a bad vacuum leak, but I am having trouble isolating it. It is also possible I could have a different problem that presents as a vacuum leak. I am stumped on how to proceed. The car is a 1998 Mustang GT with the 2v 4.6L. It was driving fine, but then had two problems...
  2. ForeverDriven

    Electrical Fuel Issues, How Fun

    Alright! Some may remember me from last fall when I made a similar post about my '97 Coyote Swap. Well, issues have persisted and I'm here again for more help! Here is a video (it is a safe google drive link) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xSwJHflu91LYOqFGtR4Rh5FnCJwusGHi/view?usp=sharing...
  3. ben37

    External Fuel Pump for diagnosis

    Hi guys, I'm still having trouble with my '03 V6. I changed the fuel pressure sensor recently, and that finally made a difference, but I still have low power and jerking. Last item in line of fuel is the fuel pump. Now I don't wanna go out and spend $90 on a fuel pump just yet, so I was...
  4. ForeverDriven

    Quick Fuel Diagnosis Anyone? (Coyote Swap)

    Hey guys, came here for some possible help. Coyote swap (gen 1 truck engine) into a 97 Mustang. At first, had problems with running out of fuel at 3k rpms. Did a 255lph pump (should be more than enough?) And I thought I fixed it, but now I'm just cutting out at 4k instead. Would a fuel filter...
  5. ForeverDriven

    P0175 plus Light pulsing vibration (also tickin)

    So I just bought a 1997 Mustang GT (After my 98 v6 got wrecked) and I've been going through minor problems here and there, which are mostly just rattles. However, on a drive home two or three days ago the check engine light came on and right around that same time, I noticed a small pulsing...

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