1. Fauxbra03

    Headlight Bulb Need help finding

    Hey all, my 03 GT’s headlights both went out within a week of each other. The problem that I have is that the car has Xenon conversion on it, and I finally pulled the headlights off to look for a general bulb. I’ve never seen a bulb like this and I can’t find them anywhere. Any help would be...
  2. Burninrock24

    SVE Diamond Black Headlight Kit availability?

    Looking to get new headlights and corners for my 96. The only ones I have come across that I like are the SVE kit from LMR. However, they say they're discontinued. Anywhere else I can get this kit or something similar at least? I like the clear black lights, but I still want the amber in the...
  3. Tillerman77

    Want To Buy OEM 94 -98 Cobra headlights with hazy lens (unbroken)

    I am looking for stock Cobra headlights to do a lens restore on. Must have unbroken adjusters and prefer to get the bulb retaining rings as well. I actually only need the passenger Cobra lamp as my original got broken during removal. If you have both, that is fine as well.

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