1. cloudrelic

    Power Steering fluid leak at the pump after replacing hose.

    I bought a GT with no power steering and no power brakes. Thanks to the misguided suggestion of the seller, I have replaced the whole Hydroboost system before finding out it was just the power steering pump. I believe it broke because of a leak that had started where the hose connects to the...
  2. 98GTAZ

    STFT/LTFT Way Off No Codes

    So I am pretty sure I have a bad vacuum leak, but I am having trouble isolating it. It is also possible I could have a different problem that presents as a vacuum leak. I am stumped on how to proceed. The car is a 1998 Mustang GT with the 2v 4.6L. It was driving fine, but then had two problems...
  3. R

    95 Mustang GT Transmission Leak

    My automatic 95 Mustang GT definitely has a transmission leak. I took it in to a mechanic 2 weeks ago and he topped off my fluid and said I had a leak. Now, I checked my fluid after a 40 min drive and it was in the cold level. When I drive after my car has sat for a few days, it smokes under...
  4. Voltuh97

    Coolant Leak?

    I have a bone stock 97 gt automatic, it runs great but i notices last week green fluid on the AC compressor now i don't know where its coming from. The AC works great and the AC Clutch engages when its supposed to. I also noticed some build up on this black hose. I would appreciate any kind of...

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