1. A

    Mach460 Head Unit Noob Question

    Hello! I maybe have a dumb question regarding the stock Mach460 System from 96 paired with an aftermarket head unit. I am new to the whole stereo section, so please excuse me. Can another head unit have too much output wattage or voltage for the Mach460 system? So if I buy a head unit with a...
  2. A

    Mach460 Metra question and CD Player Delete

    Hello! I want to switch out my head unit for a new one in my 96 Cobra. I am not sure, if I need the Metra 5510 or 5511 wiring harness, but I ordered both (if anyone has a tip which to use to not get the pop of the amps, I am very grateful!) Since the CD Player of the Mach460 system doesn't have...
  3. ForeverDriven

    Mach 460 Amps bad?

    Hey everyone, quick question and description of my issue. Ever since I got this car (a 97 GT with the Mach 460) there has been little to no bass and significant "radio buzz" that follows the volume. What I've found is that my front speakers and all tweeters work fine, even the tweeters in the...
  4. KCSAse98gt

    Mach460 only bass working

    New to forum and I've been searching for someone with the same issue but haven't found one. I just got my high school car back after passing it on to my niece, a 1998 mustang gt. I was pretty excited to get it back but was disappointed to see she had pulled the factory head unit and replaced...

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