1. Blueraz_5.0

    Convertible Top Mods

    So I have a convertible, and am planning on doing a rear seat delete as well. I've been looking at convertible covers such as the basic opr convertible top boot on American muscle that goes over the whole backseat, as well as cervini's 2-piece speedster cover. The basic boot, while it is cheaper...
  2. Z

    What cam shaft should I buy?

    I'm looking to add a camshaft to my car and hopefully make it faster. I've already picked out a 75 mm throttlebody and I'm looking at some headers I just need to know the best to accentuate those.
  3. C

    Mach 1 Performance

    I am looking to build my Mustang Mach 1 for performance and quality daily driving capabilities. Below is a list of mods I have completed on the car, and further down is a list of potential future modifications. If anyone has tips on the direction I should go with the car please let me know...
  4. SN95_#19_DSA

    New Member, looking to get a SN95!

    Hey everyone, looking to get a 1994-1998 Mustang GT in the next few days. Completely new to this so bear with me here. I have been using a motorcycle daily for the last 4 years and think this would be a great first car. Moved a lot so never got the 'first car' experience when I was 16...

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